Services Offered By Directory Enquiry Services


In the old days, British Telecom was the only player in town when it came to directory enquiries, but with deregulation, competition was born, and now a number of private companies, such as KC Contact Centres, can offer you this service. But if you think these companies just find phone numbers, you would be mistaken. For those of you not aware of what's out there, here are some of the services that you can get from a directory enquiry specialist.

Online Directories -- Rather than having to pick up the phone, most directory enquiry companies now offer online service that you can access from your laptop, desktop, mobile phone or tablet. Online directories are a convenient and effective way for you to search for phone numbers, and with today's technology you don't even need a full company or private name to achieve results. With most online directories you can enter partial names, and the system will compile a list of names, addresses and phone numbers that are a close match to the information you entered. In addition, you can search for names using addresses only, names only, or a combination of the two.

Tracing -- If you own a business, but have lost contact with a client or customer, you can use a directory enquiry service to perform tracing, which uses a set of algorithms to track people down. Most of these companies have a database of millions of phone numbers and addresses, and using the information you last had for your client, the system runs a matching program to quickly and efficiently track down that person or company. The database is also 'smart' enabled, which means that it can tell whether or not the numbers that come up as a match are active or disconnected. With disconnected numbers, the trace program can determine if the phone company has transferred the old number to a new one and obtain that information.

Identity Verification -- Directory enquiry companies also offer ID verification services, in which they use electronic ID verification to ensure that a customer or client is legitimate. The ID verification system interfaces with a consumer database that is loaded with public information, such as court cases, judgments, liens and other potentially negative records that could affect the business you do with an individual. ID verification also extends to ensuring that documents such as passports, driver's licenses, visas and ID cards are legitimate. Most ID verification doesn't require you to inform a client or customer of its usage unless you are running a credit check, as this type of inquiry will show up on the client or customer's credit report.


26 February 2015

Sales and Advertising: Fresh Tricks From An Old Dog

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